hey y'all,

this is liz ryerson aka ella guro - you presumably know me from game conferences and/or twitter!!!!! i am musician, game critic, and game designer, and general all-around artist! i have a strong affinities for the strange, or empheral, or forgotten.

i believe that audio is really really important in any game, but it (sadly) usually ends up being an afterthought. so basically the most important thing for me is that the music or the sound fx add to and enhance the mood of the game. for example - in Dys4ia the music is swirly and unfocused initially as the main character is feeling disoriented and disconnected from the world, but becomes more pretty and assured-sounding as she gains self-confidence and self-assurance. in Crypt Worlds the sound fx are strange and abrupt and clipped to enhance the feeling of a weird, outsider pirate kind-of game, and then the music occasionally bursts out unexpectedly in stranger moments to add to that abruptness. in my own game Problem Attic, the sound is often more sparse, and is there add to the unsettling feeling of many of the environments, but it changes and becomes more involved as the game begins to shift in emotional tone. in all cases, the sound is unconventional but hopefully totally makes sense in the context of the game. this is the kind of stuff i like to do!


you can hear my work doing both sound fx and music for Crypt Worlds here


and Triad by anna anthropy here


also i did music for IGF nominees Dys4ia:


and Mirrormoon EP (as "ella guro")


i also did music/sound for a couple small games by my friend Andi McClure:



TRIVIA: you may or may not know that i've been involved with doing game-related music since i was 14 or so! back in 2002-2005 i was active on a site called OCRemix that's based on arrangements of old game music, and you can find my old stuff there:


you can also hear some old music (in various forms, along with newer stuff) on my album SCRAPS, which is it's own little sort of exploration game and i recommend you check out RIGHT NOW:


i actually ended up getting into indie games with the encouragement of a few people i knew through that community.


so, i am planning to set up a patreon eventually! until then, i have a pretty snazzy bandcamp page with a cool logo i made and you can support me by buying one of my albums on there!


or even better, just pay-paling me directly to liz.ryerson@gmail.com

i also have a soundcloud page!